A day at the beach is good for both your body and your mind. But it can also make your skin and hair look bad.

Getting some sun is good for your body because it helps it make vitamin D, but too much sun can cause dry skin, skin damage, and premature aging. When you swim in the ocean, you get beach hair without the salt spray, but your hair gets dry.

But you don't have to skip having fun in the sun. Just know how to take care of your skin and hair afterward. Your life will be saved by this beauty routine and these products.

Hair Care Before and After the Beach

A quick tip: Before you go swimming, use a conditioner. This keeps your hair from getting tangled and keeps some of the weather out. 

Apply a deep conditioner to your hair for five to ten minutes when you get home from the beach.

Shower And Put Lotion On

After putting on multiple layers of sunscreen and swimming in saltwater, it's time to come clean and wash all the product and elements out of your skin and hair. After a day at the beach, take a shower and shampoo your hair as soon as you can. 

Sun and salt can dry out your skin, so you should moisturize right after you get out of the shower. Aloe vera will soothe your skin if it's been burned by the sun.

Put Lotion On Your Feet

Long walks on the beach are not only romantic and relaxing, but they also get rid of dead skin. Putting your feet in a mixture of sand and saltwater might help smooth out any rough spots. On the other hand, it can make your feet feel very dry. 

Take Care Of Your Skin Gently

If you put your face underwater in the sea, it might also help you get rid of dead skin. If this is the case, don't use scrubs or chemicals to get rid of dead skin.

Relax Your Lips

Sunburns on the lips are easy to get, so I hope you used an SPF lip balm all day. Even if you did, after a day at the beach your lips might still feel dry. For instant relief, swipe on a thick, rich lip balm.


These tips could make your time at the beach feel like a day at the spa. Don't forget to drink a few extra glasses of water to make sure your body is rehydrated from the inside out.

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