Bayberry Wax is a fragrant wax that works well in pedicure treatments. Its delicate woodsiness makes it ideal for unisex products, and it pairs well with antimicrobial essential oils such as Lemon Tea Tree, Lavender, Juniper, and Rosemary. The wax has been infused with therapeutic Cocoa Butter, anti-inflammatory Andiroba Oil, and hydrating Brazil Nut Oil. This herbal balm relieves tired feet by soothing, moisturising, and deodorising them. Use a foot scrub then do a natural pedicure treatment, then apply the butter to dry feet.

This recipe makes about two ounces:


•    1 ounce of Bayberry Wax
•    2 ounces of Deodorized Cocoa Butter
•    1/2 ounce of Brazil Nut Oil
•    1/2 ounce of Andiroba Oil
•    12 – 15 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
•    8 – 10 drops of Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil
•    8 – 10 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil
•    8 – 10 drops of Juniper Essential Oil


In a double boiler over high heat, melt the Bayberry Wax and Cocoa Butter together. Add the Brazil Nut Andiroba Oils when the butter and wax have melted. Remove from heat after thoroughly mixing. Stir in the Essential Oils until they are thoroughly combined. Pour the mixture into the containers with care. There will be a bit more than enough to fill a deodorant or stick tube container. Because a depression will form in the butter as it cools, save the rest of the mixture to top off the container. The residual mixture can be discarded or saved in a small container.

Packaging & Usage

This stiff, waxy mixture should be applied to clean, dry feet and massaged in. Although using a deodorant container makes application easier, this recipe could also be packaged in Cream Jars or PET Jars.

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