The search for a signature scent is a long and hard one, requiring a lot of trial and error. But what most people don’t consider is that a signature scent can also be a home scent, the smell that makes your friends say “Hey, I know exactly where I am.” Home fragrances and candles can bring an abode together seamlessly, and honestly, we all deserve a scent-filled home.

You’ve probably seen Nest Fragrances before, on bathroom counters or diffusing a space. The brand begins with the goal of creating works of art in every bottle—from the fragrance to the vessel that houses it to the design that adorns it. “Every candle, every reed diffuser, every liquid soap not only surrounds you with its exquisite scent but also serves as a chic accent that complements any décor,” founder Laura Slatkin says of her unique, game-changing approach to fragrance.

“In 2005, I was sensing there was a void in the marketplace. Consumers wanted a brand with deep expertise in the home fragrance industry that offered high quality and attractively priced products steeped in authenticity and creativity,” says Slatkin. “Given my deep passion for entertaining and living beautifully, I was inspired to create a truly iconic brand that would be loved and coveted.”

Nest’s ultimate goal is to create fragrances and products that are truly exceptional and extraordinary. “We pride ourselves on creating fragrances that create unique moods and offer our clients sensorial experiences, be it in their home or on their body,” says Slatkin. The brand’s goal is to continue to innovate in the world of fragrance, seeking out the world’s finest ingredients, developing cutting-edge fragrance technology, and enhancing its products with benefits to improve well-being for a multi-sensorial experience that goes far beyond scent. Looking to learn more about the brand? We rounded up the best products from Nest… because your home deserves them.

Madagascar Vanilla Perfume Oil

Slatkin herself loves this line of perfume oils. “They are the most sensual and personal way to wear fragrance, one that combines nourishment and exquisite scent as it encourages you to take a moment for yourself,” she shares. “I love massaging on the perfume oil, letting it melt into my skin drop by drop as it envelopes me in the most beautiful aromas. It truly is a fragrance experience like no other.”

Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Classic Candle

The brand’s most popular fragrance—by a long shot—is its Wellness collection Wild Mint & Eucalyptus. “The timing was perfect to launch a fragrance that truly transforms one’s home into a peaceful oasis,” Slatkin explains. “Its aromatic blend is designed to ignite your spirits and leave you feeling focused, recharged, and stress-free. It is the most successful launch of my 29 years in the business.”FEATURED VIDEO

Amalfi Lemon & Mint Reed Diffuser

You may not be able to get to the Amalfi Coast right now, but this diffuser will have you believing you’re on holiday in Italy. With notes of lemon zest and orange bergamot combined with fresh mint and a hint of driftwood, just queue up a YouTube video called “Amalfi Coast,” set up this diffuser, and you’re basically there. Right?

Bamboo Votive Candle

This bamboo candle feels like the floral fragrance of your dreams, with notes of flowering bamboo (sort of close to jasmine in scent), white florals, sparkling citrus, and fresh greens. But this won’t smell like a grandma’s basement with overwhelming floral scents—the notes of bamboo and citrus help to tamp down the sweetness of the white flower notes, making for a cool, clean scent you’ll want to surround you always.

Grapefruit 3-Wick Candle

This candle will make you forget any negative experiences you’ve ever had with artificial grapefruit fragrance, and make you wonder why you hadn’t gone for the real thing before. It’s a bright, bubbly scent of pink grapefruit, but the standouts here are the sharp green notes in the form of lily of the valley, and particularly coriander blossom. It’s a long-lasting fragrance, and the candle takes forever to burn, meaning you’ll have this one for a long time.

Rose Noir & Oud Reed Diffuser

This fragrance will make you feel like you’ve just taken a long stroll through a rose garden after the rain during sunset. It’s elegant and sumptuous, with notes of smoky incense and black leather. It’s like the best and most romantic campfire you’ve ever sat by. Let the compliments pour in with this diffuser.

Midnight Fleur Eau de Parfum

When Nest made the foray into eau de parfums, the entire world was ecstatic. Finally, our fave in-home fragrance brand could be out-of-home. Midnight Fleur isn’t only for the nighttime hours—it works perfectly during the day, as well. It is soft and warm thanks to a mix of vanilla orchid and patchouli, yet luscious from black amber.

Velvet Pear Liquid Soap

Your guests will be determined to wash their hands as many times as possible with this incredibly scented liquid soap. (And so will you.) It smells like a fall sweater, due to velvety Anjou pear and crisp apple. If you’re constantly pining for pumpkin spice season but don’t want to be surrounded by pumpkins or spice, try this.

Citrine Eau de Parfum

If you know anything about crystals, citrine is a yellow quartz crystal that is known for sharing some of the healing properties of the sun. While Nest’s eau de parfum may not be able to heal you, the bright notes of lemon blossom, lotus flower, and freesia can feel like the sun is shining on you… as a scent. It’s cheerful and full of sunshine.

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