Do you want to know how to use a Cricut to make tags for presents? Remember that you will also need to wrap presents as you go about holiday shopping. It would be fun to provide free printable Christmas gift tags, demonstrate how to use print, and cut on your Cricut to create a functional and attractive product quickly. Great for the holidays, these Cricut-cut tags are just what you need to finish off your presents.

Supplies Needed:

You will need the following.

  1. Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock
  2. Glitter Gel Pen
  3. Trimmer
  4. Twine
  5. Cricut Explore 3
  6. Connected Device With Design Space

Custom Gift Tag Making with Cricut

Follow the bellow mentioned steps one by one to make your customized gift tags perfectly.

Step One:

Open Design Space and discover the project for making gift tags. Create your design and put it front and center. It would be best if you then cut the pattern. After selecting the text and the label, click the slice button in the right-hand corner. Eliminating the space reduces the effort required.

Step Two:

After you slice your design, it will generate unnecessary text that needs to be removed. Then, draw the pencil forward until it rests on the blank space. Then, select everything you need and click the attach button in the lower right. Make sure the machine replicates your design exactly, rather than having to cut each element by hand. After you have everything you need, hit the "make it" button.

Step Three:

When using Design Space, you can load components in a specific sequence. It would be best to feed white smart paper sticker cardstock into the machine. Fill clamp A with the gel pen of your choice. After you've chosen your material and pressed the load button, you'll see a flashing "go" button.

Step Four:

When the cutting is complete, you can unload the machine. Then proceed to the subsequent material loading. Your next load will be of intelligent paper sticker cardstock in the color of your choice. To use, choose the appropriate material, load it, unload it, and start the machine.

Step Five:

The next step is to shorten your material so it is more manageable and then set aside the scraps for another time. Next, peel the cardstock away from the liner to release it from the backing.

Here's a little secret: the liner should be facing up, so turn the cardstock over. Then separate the liner from the cardstock by peeling it off. It keeps the paper from curling up.

Step Six:

The tag needs to be assembled next. Make a sandwich by adhering the top piece of cardstock to the reverse side of the other label, sticky side out. Put the card with the pen drawing on it on top of the other card. Shop now to make some amazing crafts with Cricut.

Final Words

Wrap it up in some paper and a gift bag, and then take a look at your beautifully crafted gift tag. The lucky recipient will greatly appreciate the gift and the fantastic personalized tag.

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