Well-cleaned windows only add beauty to house appearance and no one dislikes it. For professionals, it’s just a piece of cake when using professional tools like squeegees and rubber blades, etc. 

It’s probably everyone desires to clean their windows like an actual pro so to have streak-free and clean windows at the end. It’s like when someone sees at it they see themselves in a richer way. So what you need to have perfect cleaned windows, it’s nothing if you have the right tools and are prepared enough. We’ve featured some pro techniques in this guide to help you.

Professional window washers use professional window cleanser tools which can easily be found at nearest hardware stores. These pros avoid cleansing detergents with harsh materials which in any way damage the windows and lower shining.

Follow this guide to find the right window cleaning tools and forgot the excuses to have a smudgy window every again. You don’t need expensive cleaning detergents or tools but some pro techniques with cheap tools will ultimately help you to clean windows in no time.

Window Cleaning Tools And Their Uses :


Squeegee is the ultimate window cleaning tool in the market available. Cleaning with squeegees is incredibly easy compared to paper towels, newspaper, and spray bottles. Once you use it then you will be stuck to it. 

Squeegees with a professional rubber blade attached to them are usually used by professional windows cleaners. To clean effectively you must change the rubber blade timely as when the edges get bent or sliced over time. It will be hard to clean the windows with it. 

So when you will change it? , it’s easy when you notice that it is making harsh stikes on the screen, you should consider changing it. If you want to extend its lifetime, an effective way is to add the blade oppositely in the squeegee. You need to keep the rubber-bald clean and avoid getting dirt on it.

Hand dishwashing liquid Mixed with Warm Water:

Hand dishwashing liquid can be mixed with warm water is a cost-effective solution to clean windows like a professional. If you are more on the budget line you should probably use this method.

You can use lint-free rags / small towels to dip in the dishwashing liquid mixed with water to clean the windows without having any scratches. If you’re using a ladder then use the ladder stabilizer to avoid any type of accident. 

Glass Cleaner :

A streak-Free glass cleaner is also available in the market to clean the windows like a pro. These high-quality glass cleaners are covered with quality products that don’t damage the glass and also affect it positively. 

Window Cleaning Mesh Scrubber:

The scrubber is great in cleansing windows.

You’ll find it incredibly easy to clean the windows with the glass cleaner.

Clean Windows Like A Pro:

First of all, take a bucket and add some warm water to it, Mix dishwashing liquid in it. You can change the water type like in the cold weather use the warm water. Some might consider mixing vinegar in it, but it’s up to you, Use the mixture in the window washing and if it is taking too long, try using windshield washing solution, it might help in cleansing. You can use a squeegee to clean it properly.

Step-by-Step Guide To Clean Windows In A Professional Way:

This step-by-step guide will probably help you to clean windows.

Make Cleansing Mixture:

Take a good quality liquid handwashing detergent. Mix dishwashing liquid in it. You can change the water type like in the cold weather using warm water. You might also add vinegar to it if it is available at the home.

Add window cleaning product to it to strengthen the cleaning power of your mixture. Use a scrubber to apply the mixture over the window.

Wipe The Window Glass:

Clean the exterior window frame with a damp cloth before beginning cleaning. Rub the glass and move it up from all angles to clean the edges and remove dirt and debris. work in a circle. You can use a squeegee to clean the window glass.

Cover every square inch of glass and dry the windows with glass cleaner. This cleaning method will help you achieve the desired result immediately. You will need to move the brush horizontally on the glass, but hitting it vertically gives good results.

Hold the squeegee at a 30-degree angle to the glass and pull it out horizontally through the window. For vertical operation, hold the device at an angle and direct excess water to the dirty part of the window. Place the filling on a dry edge and pull down 

Create A Dry edge On The Glass:

Use a dry cloth on the edge of the vacuum cleaner to create a dry edge on the glass. Use detergent to remove stubborn stains from windows. The third step is to create the launch bar. Turn the wiper over so that only one edge of the window touches the wiper. Then, starting from the top edge of the glass, sweep a thin strip of the window from top to bottom. These neat strips help create horizontal stitches. 

Place a squeegee blade on the glass in the top corner of the screen and move it evenly across the window. Concentrate on ensuring that the top of the machine is always in contact with the top of the window. You need to clean the rubber.

Clean The Rubber Blade

Clean the blades with a clean towel or cotton swab or scrub each time to remove dirt and excess water. For convenience, you can put a cloth in your pocket to clean the vacuum or remove the sliding pins on the tree. You can use another clean cloth to clean the window area. A microfiber cloth or microfiber cloth is best.

Wipe Off Excessive Water:

You can use a cleaning rag to clean the excessive water from it.


Use a plastic bottle able to spray to clean any possible interior parts of the windows. A Microfibre towel is a great way to wipe things up. Follow this guide to have professionally clean windows in no time. If you have any query just ask in the comment section.

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