These days, everybody has an action camera. The incredible footage they produce is ideal for documenting anything from family vacations to extreme sports feats. A sturdy camera body mount is recommended for use with action cameras.

In this article, we'll look at seven unique carrying methods for action cameras.

1. Helmet Mount

The helmet attachment is a common accessory for action cameras worn on the head. Because of its adaptability, it can be used to record scenes from a wide variety of viewpoints. Attach the head mount to your helmet with extreme care. During your thrilling journey, you would hate for it to come off. Be careful not to run into anything (or anyone) while filming while mounted on the front of your helmet.

2. Bike Handlebar Mount

The mount that attaches to the handlebars of a bicycle is a great choice if you're looking for a body mount that provides a higher degree of stability. You can secure this mount to the handlebars of your bicycle for a more stable working surface.

When mounting a device to a bicycle's handlebars, you should keep wind resistance in mind. Your action camera may be better off mounted to the side of your bike rather than the handlebars if the day is particularly windy. If your footage is shaky, this should help stabilize it.

3. Chest Camera Mount

If you want a body mount that truly immerses you in the action, consider a chest camera mount. Put yourself in the action with this mount that straps to your chest.
Having a device mounted to your chest can be irritating if worn for too long. Take breaks to rest your body if you plan on using the chest camera mount for an extended time.

4. Wrist Mount

Those who want to take photos or videos without having to keep their hands free or steady should consider wearing a camera on their wrist. The wrist mount is adaptable, so it can be worn on either the left or right wrist. You can use the wrist mount by simply strapping the camera to your wrist.

5. Head Strap Mount

If you want to make hands-free videos with your action camera, this mount is for you. If you want to use the mount for extreme sports, you can wear the head strap over your helmet. You can use the head strap mount by strapping the camera to your head.

6. Shoulder Mount

When you want to shoot yourself from an unusual angle, this mount is the way to go. The shoulder mount is ambidextrous, so you can wear it on either your left or right shoulder. To use the shoulder mount, simply strap the camera to your shoulder.

7. Finger Grip Mount

The finger grip mount is a flexible and simple smartphone mount that can be attached to almost any flat surface in seconds. Simply insert your finger into the loop and hold your phone firmly to use the finger grip mount. The mount's rotating base allows you to find the ideal viewing position for your phone.

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