For any winter holiday trip, whether to see relatives or not, it is imperative that you pack warm and stylish winter apparel. Most of us take our remaining vacation days at this time. You'll want to pack warm clothes if you plan on doing any holiday travel this winter. It's important to keep toasty and look cute while doing so! Put away the tank tops until you read this article and find out what you absolutely must bring with you on your holiday travels this year.

Wrap Up Warmly

The guide begins with this first piece of advice. When planning your wardrobe for a winter vacation, keeping warm should be your top priority. It's tempting to reach for a flirty off-the-shoulder top or a short, slinky skirt. As soon as you step outside while the wind is blowing, you'll be sorry. The best outfits for the winter are those that serve the dual purpose of looking good and keeping you toasty.

Yet one need not forego fashion for warmth. In fact, the winter style can be the most adaptable because of the many options for layering and accessorising. Jackets and sweaters are perfect for any outdoor activity and also work great with a more relaxed athleisure style. Simply using them to keep warm on a cold day is another great use.

Always Start With The Basics

Focus on the fundamentals first, then expand from there.  You can never go wrong with black jeans, a sweater dress, and a pair of ankle boots. Even though you won't be able to accessorise as freely as you would in the summer, you can still add some flair to your outfits by switching out your footwear, scarf, hat, mittens, and boot toppers. Once you have a core collection of versatile items for your travel capsule wardrobe, you'll be able to put together an abundance of different looks.

Add a Splash of Color

Many people wear darker or more neutral colours in the winter, which can make winter wardrobes feel drab at times. But there's really no reason to avoid wearing bright colours just because it's winter. The fashionable way to add some colour to your outfits is to choose a few bright accessories, such as a scarf, hat, or coat.

Many people's go-to winter look consists of an all-black ensemble with black jeans. Throw on a brightly coloured teddy coat to spice up your ensemble. You'll be a splash of colour in a sea of grey, instantly distinguishable from everyone else on the sidewalk. Wearing something as daring as a brightly coloured jacket practically guarantees you some admiring glances.

Play With Contrasting Textures

Including a range of textures in your wardrobe is a great way to add interest to otherwise simple ensembles. Your winter wardrobe can use a little spice, and a faux fur jacket is a perfect way to get it. They are available in a rainbow of hues, making it simple to spice up your wardrobe. Changing your jacket is a quick and simple way to update your look without buying any new clothing.

The pairing of a bulky sweater with leather or faux leather pants is another cute winter outfit idea. You can add some edge to your outfit with leather pants and black ankle boots. Leather pants are great for a snowy day because they are naturally water-repellent and thermally insulating. To really make a statement, pair those leather pants with a faux fur jacket and you've got yourself a rockstar ensemble.

Pack A Variety Of Boots

You probably already know that I only bring three pairs of shoes when I travel. Though bulkier than summer sandals, winter footwear is more versatile. This is because there are many wintertime pursuits that can be undertaken barefoot. You can forego bringing separate shoes to the beach and the city. In the colder months, boots are the most versatile footwear option.

However, bringing a variety of boots is a great way to spice up your winter wardrobe. The Chelsea boot is a great ankle-high option because it can be worn with a wide variety of pants. Knee-high boots are a great complement to many winter dresses and can help you look put-together for a winter date. You can also use your footwear as an opportunity to inject some seasonal colour into your ensemble. For a splash of colour on a grey winter day, try accessorising with jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire.

Different Jackets Can Make New Outfits 

Cold weather makes it difficult to accessorise. Large winter coats have a tendency to bury a significant portion of one's wardrobe. One simple solution is to make those coats the focus of your winter ensemble rather than a mere layer. The longer, cropped leather jackets of the '90s are making a comeback. Your old leather jackets can be used as a starting point for a wide variety of interesting projects, so keep them around. Take a moment to recall the clothes you wore in the past. If they were popular in the '90s, they're probably going to make a comeback now.

Adding a bomber jacket to your outfit is a great way to spice things up. In the same way that an all-black outfit with a long camel coat can look very different when paired with a cropped bomber jacket, the reverse is also true. This winter, you may be travelling a fair distance, and as a result, your suitcase space may not allow for more than one jacket. For shorter trips, such as those to visit relatives, a simple jacket swap can make a big difference.

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