Camping essentials differ for both sexes and this is the right time that we discuss what a woman needs to have a pleasurable camping trip. So we are sharing the essential Woman’s Guide to Camping for having a complete adventure.

Are you going camping in nature with your friends? Follow my guide for women camping that will show you the camping necessities to stay secure and satisfied. Let’s see what I have prepared for you.

Simple Woman’s Guide to Great Camping:

These are key essentials for camping as a woman.

Get a decent camping tent

If you are going camping with your friends or loved ones you will need a tent that will provide enough space and features to protect you from the elements. It is clever to opt for a tent that will provide space for sleeping comfortably and storing gear unless the tent has a vestibule or two to put camping equipment there.

I advise you to consider one of the 8-person tents that have plenty of space and different kinds of features that will let you adjust them as you want.

If you intend to go camping alone consider a solo tent or a 2-person tent that will enable you to store the gear inside.


What type of clothes do you need out there? Bear in mind that you will be outside without being able to jump into a warm house. This is why it is crucial to put some warm clothes in a backpack. There is a difference if you are camping in a warm season or wet and cold season.

I won’t advise you what to bring on summer camping but I feel obligated to tell you what to wear when there is cold outside. Think about the long pieces of clothes that will keep you warm no matter the cold temperatures.

For fall and winter camping bring long leggings, a few pairs of cotton socks (and wool socks), long shirts and pants, an anorak or a poncho, and waterproof footwear. Make sure you bring extra shirts and pants so you will be able to change in dry clothes when the rain catches you unprepared.

Don’t forget on a warm hat and gloves, and period-proof underwear to wick moisture away from the skin.

Hygiene products

Hygiene products are important for each woman, especially when you are going camping as you won’t have the luxury of a bathroom at a campsite. I suggest that you think about your hygiene that is important to feel satisfied.

Pack soap, a shampoo, a shower gel, a toothbrush and a toothpaste, a comb, ear cleaning products, a nail clipper, tweezers (to pluck a tick out of your skin), intimate soap, feminine wipes, and all other products that you use to keep the hygiene.

Menstrual products

If you are expecting your period or you have it right now, it’s important to pack enough menstrual products. This is important so a period won’t spoil your beautiful adventure. Consider (reusable) pads, (soft) tampons, a menstrual cup, a menstrual disk, and other products that will keep you clean and fresh.

Use those items that you are using now and serve you well, don’t try new products on camping.

Where will you put the trash?

You will produce trash so it is important to keep nature clean and leave no trace behind. Where will you put your used menstrual products? I advise you to get some zippered bags where you will put the products. These are great since the content won’t fall out and the smell won’t reach you.

Cooking gear

Did you think of the gear that will help you to prepare delicious camp meals? I am sure you don’t want to experience a morning without warm coffee or a cup of tea so get a camping cooking set that will enable warm and nutritious meals and drinks.

It is important for you to eat warm meals, especially in the wintertime as it will make you fed and warm. The majority of these cooking sets are portable since you can put one container in another to save some packing space. You can also get a set on Amazon that includes plates and utensils for eating. Choose the one that will serve you well while being outdoors.

Regarding food packing, take some plastic containers that you filled with raw or cooked food. Don’t forget to bring water as you don’t know if the water source that you found at a campsite is drinkable (use iodine tablets if you decide to purify the water source).

Sleeping equipment

What will you sleep on?

Today we have plenty of options when it comes to sleeping outdoors. You can get a sleeping pad or a mat, a sleeping bag, a warm blanket, an air pillow, a camping cot, or some other piece of furniture that will help you to have a pleasant night.

Consider the size of the camping furniture and features to pick your favorite sleeping system. If you will camp in freezing temperatures it is best that you consider some heating device as a tent heater on gas or a thermophore that will keep you cozy throughout the night (or a day).

Other Essentials You May Need

As a camper I suggest that you think about the fire, how will you set it up, and what to bring to make your trip worthwhile. I always carry matches (for a campfire, cooking, and lighting a heater), homemade dryer lint, a flashlight, and a survival knife that come in handy on each outdoor trip I take.

Crucial things for enjoyable camping

I hope this Woman’s Guide to Camping trip opened your eyes to the things that you need to have for safe and satisfying camping. The things that I mentioned in the guide are basic stuff but you can take other items that you use every day to feel good.

However, I don’t recommend taking a whole closet along since you won’t have easy transportation. Take basic stuff that you need (without make-up) and I am sure you will make good camping memories.

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